Good Lord, the nights are getting moist- and you need to cool off.

Wipe up that soaked brow, cool those chafed thighs, collapse into your favorite chill out chair, and sail into a bloody sunset with this vintage Insufferable Mix from 2009 as you sip your favorite liquid.

Tracklist in the comments.



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    Weekend 1:45 The Move Move
    Music Use It 4:40 Father’s Children Father’s Children
    African Nightclub 2:35 The Now Generation
    hot spot (terrible love mix) 2:50 Steinski What Does It All Mean
    Standing On The Corner 2:19 Michael Liggins Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg
    Loaded To The Gills 4:15 Michael Liggins & the Super Souls Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg
    Monkey Suite 2:39 Madvillain Chrome Children
    Sally Got A One Track Mind 3:44 Diamond D Stunts, Blunts, etc

    I See You (Hall & Oates Private Eyes Remix) 5:51 Oliver Dodd
    Chatterbox1 2:05 John Fiddy, Francis Monkman & Walt Rockman Sonoton – Industrial Themes & Undescores
    Sumpin’s Got A Hold On Me 3:37 Movie Sound-track A Perfect Couple
    Feels So Good 3:39 Chuck Mangione Super Hits Of The Seventies Vol 24
    Can You Believe It 2:57 Keith Cross & Peter Ross Bored Civilians
    Emotion 3:58 Samantha Sang Super Hits Of The Seventies Vol 24
    A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do) 4:06 Ray Parker Jr. – Greatest Hits
    Isi 5:07 Neu! Neu! 75
    Diamant 2:21 Jacques Siroul Midway
    Gelly Roll Gum Drop 3:16 Sic Alps U.S. EZ
    Dear One 3:17 Pisces A Lovely Sight

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